PTE Trainer


“I believe that there is a logic or pattern for everything in life and the trick to solve even the most complex problems is to find that pattern. After that, everything becomes easy mode. ”

Fabliha Bushra Khan Rupanti is one of our best trainers. Fabliha is passionate about teaching and learning. Through the years she has given a number of tests from IELTS, PTE to SAT I and II. She likes taking on new challenges, her belief being that overcoming challenges is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. As a teacher, she tries instill that passion and self-empowerment to all her students. She pushes them to think for themselves and connect the dots while making sure they have all the information needed to do so. That is also the reason she puts special emphasis on the basics and grammar and takes special care to building up a student from the ground up.

A graduate in Chemical Engineering from abroad and as someone brought up in the hot deserts of Kuwait, a small Middle Eastern country, she brings a much-valued variety and a fresh perspective to our team. She has been self-taught most of her life but even so she has experience as a school teacher as well as a home tutor for students of every caliber. Hence, Fabliha adds to PEC-Education by bringing in her own tried and tested teaching methods as she can simultaneously plan lessons and build a study curriculum for any student depending on their requirements, background and time constraints. Her unique approach to looking for patterns in solutions allows her to simplify the learning process.

Fabliha is also a well-travelled individual who has lived and studied in two different countries and now sees Bangladesh from an outside perspective. With her own experiences and the outlook that comes from living and studying abroad, she can competently guide and counsel students who have lived in Bangladesh but want to pursue their dreams abroad.

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