PTE Home Test

PTE Home Test
PTE Home Test

PTE Home Test is a language proficiency test which is conducted on computers only. Those who are planning on applying for a family or settlement visa should sit for the PTE Home test as it is approved by the UK Home office. Besides, it an unbiased, standard, and convenient test.

PTE Home is a reliable examination because of the way it is designed to bring out the best of the examinees.

 Test Format

There are three levels to the PTE Home Test test which are decided on the exact requirements of the visa categories.  The levels are, PTE Home A1, PTE Home A2 & PTE Home B1.

PTE Home A1

People who are applying for a spouse/partner visa, parent of a dependent, representative of an overseas business, tier 2 Sportsperson visa can sit for the PTE Home A1 test. It is a test for beginners. It will test your speaking and listening skill based on a few tasks. PTE Home A1 is approved by the UK Home Office as proof of your language proficiency.

The A1 level has 32 questions and it can take up to 22 minutes to complete the whole test. There are three question types-

  1. Repeat Sentence

There will be 22 questions. In this task, you will hear a sentence, and you will have to repeat it exactly as you hear. You will be marked according to your accuracy.

The key to doing well in this task is to understand the meaning of the sentence. Otherwise, memorizing it only will not help you, although memorizing plays a big part in this exact task.

  1. Describe Image

In this item, you will have to explain an image (graph, chart, picture etc.). There will be five questions for this task.

  1. Conversation-listen and answer

In this section, you will hear a conversation. After the end of the audio, you will hear a question from the audio. You will have to answer it in a word or two. There will be five questions for this type.

 PTE Home A2

A few visas require evidence of English language improvement to fit the bill for an expansion. You should satisfy certain models including proficiency of English at CEFR level A2 to expand visas after 2.5 years.

A2 level is twenty-five minutes long with 30-33 items. There are 3 types of questions-

  1. Repeat Sentence

In this section, there will be 22-23 questions. (Same as PTE Home A1)

  1. Describe Image

In this section, there will be 4-5 questions. (Same as PTE Home A1)

  1. Story retells

You will have to summarize the audio in forty seconds. The audio will be 40-90 seconds long. There will be 4-5 questions.

Why PTE Home?

Unlike other tests, you do not have to sit for hours to take this particular. Sometimes it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking for the candidate. It gets hard at times to keep the concentration going because of the length of the examination. As a result, most of them get poor scores, and their dream stays a dream. However, that is not the case in PTE Home. This test takes at most thirty minutes to complete. That is why students can be at the top of their game, and concentrate properly.

In addition, the examination has an exact structure which helps the student to prepare for it more accurately as they know what kind of question they will get in the examination. Everything is done on the computer, therefore, those who have trouble speaking in front of others can feel comfortable while sitting for this examination. It is normal to have a problem performing in front of someone, but facing a computer is a daily thing for anyone. Thus, it is a heaven-sent opportunity for those who want to settle down in the UK.

PTE Home is easy to book. You can even book this test twenty-four hours in advance. No other test is as flexible as this one, and it saves you a lot of time. If you are in a hurry and need the test result right away, PTE Home is the best choice for you. Therefore, you can easily book a test depending on your busy schedule.

Those who are concerned about the accuracy of the test result should know that this test is scored by computers only. There is no human touch involved in marking your paper. Thus, there is no question of partiality. The test itself is designed in right or wrong format. You will be marked depending on your accuracy. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the result. The only thing you need is to prepare for the examination properly.

Some of the candidates require a fast result for their visa. If that is the case, PTE Home is the best choice because it can take only forty-eight hours to get this result; a maximum of five working days. It is the fastest result provider in the world. Hardly anyone can do that nowadays except for PTE Home.

PTE Home B1

The B1 test takers usually take this test who are trying to settle down in UK. Test takers need to prove their competence level of B1 to get settlement (indefinite leave to remain) and citizenship applications.

B1 level consists of 29-32 tasks, and it can take up to 29 minutes to complete the whole test. There are 4 question types:

  1. Repeat Sentence

There will be 17 tasks to complete in this section. (Same as PTE Home A1 and A2)

  1. Describe Image

You will have 4-5 questions in this task. (Same as PTE Home A1 and A2)

  1. Conversation-listen and answer

There will also be 4-5 questions. (Same as PTE Home A1)

  1. Story-listen and answer

4-5 questions as well in this section. (Same as PTE Home A2)

PTE Home Exam Center

Candidates can attend PTE Home only in Dhaka at its Uttara center. There are two available exam dates in a month. To register for the PTE Home Exam, candidates need to book at least 48 hours before their PTE Home Exam. PEC-Education will support the candidates to register PTE Home Exam.

Address of PTE Home Exam Venue in Bangladesh:

Update Tower

Level (7, 8 &14)
01 Shahjalal Avenue
Sector – 06, Uttara Model Town
Dhaka – 1230

Please contact us for PTE Home preparation and PTE Home Exam registration. Call us at 01713 167969(WhatsApp) or 01630 840663(WhatsApp)

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