Mir Md Azizul Haq

CEO & Founder

Mir Md Azizul Haq, our beloved Chief Executive and founder of PEC- Education has been overseeing the daily activities of PEC – Education Consultants since the very beginning. With more than 15 years of prior experience in different positions of marketing around the world, Mir established the company in 2016, envisioning an institute which will help Bangladeshi students achieve their dreams and make their mark across the globe…….


Chief Advisor & Director(Training & Student Recruitment)

Dr. Shaila Sharmin is the Director and overseeing Academic department. She has vast knowledge and experience in the training & teaching field with more than 10 years. She is also pertinent to International students’ recruitment activities in different Universities in the USA, UK, Canada & Australia which are represented by PEC Education Consultants.

Tanmoy Hossain

Manager, Admin and Training

Tanmoy Hossain is a dedicated and passionate PTE (Pearson Test of English) Test Trainer and Basic English Trainer at PEC-Education who has made significant contributions to the field of English language education. With his exceptional teaching skills, commitment, and innovative teaching methods, he has helped students to achieve their desired scores in the PTE exam and improve their basic English language skills. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from BRAC University, Bangladesh, where he developed a strong foundation in English language and literature.

Sakib Arik

Counselor & PTE Test Trainer

Mr. Najmus Sakib Arik is a certified PTE Test trainer with great passion for the English language and teaching students.  Proficient in English from a very young age and thanks to studying in Scholastica. Graduated from Canadian University of Bangladesh with a BBA degree. He is a forward thinking, progressive and hard working individual with the utmost passion in teaching students and helping them achieve their goals. He believes teaching should be more than just learning and that it has to be enjoyed while harbouring a friendly environment.

PTE Trainer & Counselor

PTE Trainer & Student Counselor

Atiqur Rahman is another one of our oldest member of  team and faculties as well as PTE trainers and student counselor for our overseas University admission. As a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from the Hertfordshire University, UK, he tries to bring a different set of skills and a varied approach as befitting his educational background. However, Mr Atiq prides himself on being an educational instructor first and foremost, since that is where his true interest lies.

Anamul Haque

English Test Trainer(PTE & Spoken English)

Md. Anamul Haque is an expert English Test Trainer from PEC-Education. He completed his study in English with a concentration on linguistics, TEFL, TESOL, and English literature, and he is experienced in 4Cs in Blended Teaching. Besides, he is an active member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and the TESOL Society of Bangladesh. Moreover, Md. Anamul Haque Shovo is a highly ambitious and goal-oriented person.

PTE Trainer

English Test Trainer (PTE & IELTS)

Fabliha Bushra Khan Rupanti is one of our best PTE Trainers of PEC-Education, team and faculties. Fabliha is passionate about teaching and learning. Through the years she has given a number of tests from IELTS, PTE to SAT I and II. She likes taking on new challenges, her belief being that overcoming challenges is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. As a teacher, she tries instill that passion and self-empowerment in all her students. She pushes them to think for themselves and connect the dots while making sure they have all the information needed to do so.

Tanvir PTE Trainer

English Test Trainer(PTE, IELTS & English Basic)

Mr. Ahmed Tanvir Alam is an expert in teaching PTE and IELTS. Over the years he has gained experience in the field of Law, completing his honors and masters from BRAC University. He has multiple research papers and publications in the field of law. As a part of teaching, he has completed various workshops and attended training sessions for teaching PTE, IELTS, as well as TOEFL. Ahmed is very much passionate about teaching. He is Hardworking, confident & determined in every working environment, and possesses strong analytical ability.

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