“I think teachers need to first believe in what they teach before the knowledge can reach their students. So, I try to bring the enthusiasm and love for the subject I have in the classroom to have my students be excited to learn about something I am excited to teach them”

Mr Atiqur Rahman is another one our oldest trainers. As a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Hertfordshire University, UK, he tries to bring a different set of skills and a varied approach as befitting his educational background. However, Mr Atiq prides himself on being an educational instructor first and foremost, since that is where his true interest lies.

Mr. Atiqur Rahman has been a trainer with us since the beginning of 2017. He played a big part in planning the study curriculum and designing a convenient, simple, and resourceful training and testing system to help our students get the most of their time with us. As a trainer, Mr. Atiq is always looking towards applying and implementing distinctive strategies that would best suit students of a different caliber.

After working in the Aviation section for over 4 years he worked as a lecturer at the Cambrian International College of Aviation for around 2 years. Later, he started working as a Lecturer and Internal Verifier at the United College of Aviation, Science & Management in Dhake, Bangladesh. It was here as a lecturer that Mr. Atiqur Rahman gained a reputation for his versatile and advanced group teaching techniques that improve both weak and smart students alike.

Now, Mr. Atiq likes to use the techniques he acquired and continues to cultivate as an aviation lecturer into English Training at PEC-Education as well as guide students into choosing the correct step for their future and further study.

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