PTE Academic online short course for a Batch

Online based PTE academic is very conductive to perceive the real feature of PTE because PTE Academic is a computer-based exam. That is why we arrange our online course based on an advanced instrumental curriculum as we prepare a lesson plan to maintain additional support.

In this course, we conduct online classes only with a group of students which is not more than 10 students in where an Expert teacher is appointed to solve his problems and teach the basic things of PTE Academic in detail discussion. The course is also varied from the duration of time based on students’ basic condition of English as well as the urgency of the score.

For this bullet course program, we serve only 7 classes for advanced learning of the course. Each of the class lasts 2 hours to complete. We provide 3 online mock tests, course material, 20 lecture sheets, Course CD, PTE practice software. It costs only Tk 7900 with a special discount of spot admission for a group of students.

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PTE Academic online short course for a Batch
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