How much does it cost to study in the UK?

Benefits to study in UK: To study abroad in the UK for international students is considered a dream. At the same time, it is also a concern for many students as it is an expensive country.  That is why managing a good university within a conducive budget is a major concern covering the cost to study in the UK. Preparing and following a particular budget plan can always assure you to manage your living expenses more effectively. Please take in mind about expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage while you’re planning your overseas higher studies including the cost to study in the UK (Tuition fee) when calculating the estimated expenditure of studying within the UK. It is really difficult to mention the average tuition fee for the different universities of the UK as you know that cost of living in different cities are varied. Anyway, approximate cost to study in the UK (Tuition fees) for UK undergraduate and graduate degrees generally ranges from $17,000 – $25,000 per year. (Benefits to study in UK)


Can I study in UK for free?

Scholarships, funding, sponsorships, etc. facilities are available in the UK. But they require different qualities like highly academic background, performance, experience, extracurricular activities, merits etc. However, 100% of scholarships and study in UK for free are hard to get by as you have to face very hard competition. But you have the options of a loan or a scholarship if you are qualified enough and want to study in UK for free. If you’re a student going to study in the UK, you would have to prove you’ve got the funds before you’ll even get a visa! But if you cannot manage any scholarships there, is a way of part-time job options to manage your extra money. There will be the availability of accommodation where you’ll live within your conductive expense. Additionally, if you get a daily job as a student, it’ll assist you to live there with comfort. Different recognized universities of the UK offer special scholarships for meritorious students which are benefits to study in UK.


What are the requirements to study in UK?

As you know earlier the UK is well recognized all over the world for their higher standard of education. That is why they want a good academic background for higher studies. The requirements to study in UK for the admission in universities are varied depending on the ranking of the universities. But in general, to involve in a postgraduate course in the UK, you’ll need to hold an undergraduate program from the UK or overseas. Basically, CGPA 3.50/4 out of 5 in HSC is an average requirement to study in the UK for admission in the undergraduate program.  You’ll be expected to have obtained a first or good 2:1 (or international equivalent) in a directly related subject. But keep in mind that PTE Academic, IELTS or language proficiency tests are obvious for the admission in the UK. It requires 59 overall scores of PTE Academic which is IELTS equivalent 6.5 for admission in the UK.


Is it worth to study in the UK?

Almost all of the countries of the world prioritize UK education as the highest academic excellence. That is why, undoubtedly, it is worth to study in the UK to assure a greater future and worldwide academic acceptance which is the ultimate goal to get the benefits to study in UK. International students consider a UK degree is ‘worth the investment’. Most of the foreign students from UK universities consider their degree was worth their financial investment, crediting their post-graduation success. That is why there is no scope of anxiety regarding the fact of the standard of education and to study in UK.


Is the UK better than Bangladesh to study?

We know that the education system in Bangladesh is very much unpractical and not job oriented due to the pressure of excessive students. In contrast, the education system of the UK is much more flexible and practical. It is easy to learn from hand to hand in the UK. In addition, there is a scope of learning elaborately there because they require the best quality of education.
Whereas most of the top, renowned, and world’s leading Universities are in the UK. Some of the UK Universities are 100 to 200 years old and delivering quality educations and skills which are much more desirable in the present job market all over the world.

It’s not only about attending lectures in the class, also it is required to interest with the University professors attending seminars, discussions, and practical projects. This way students can develop their critical thinking, confidence, and creativity.

UK education also assists the students to develop their English skills for advanced communication and make them confident in speaking in public places or in the seminars.


Do international students get jobs in UK?

Part-time job facilities are available for the international students of the UK. It is supposed to be a multinational country which is overwhelmed by the thousands of citizens from different parts of the world. That is why the availability of job in UK are significant almost in every part of the UK. On the other hand, 20 hours of work permit per week is allowed for the international students. But they can afford the full time during their end of semester or vacation. Basically, if your program length is 2 years, you get 3 years of working permission to do a job in UK after your study.


Is it hard to study in UK?

Please keep in mind that in Britain’s education system, it is not just memorization and vomiting in exams. They are very much practical in their education. They emphasize creative education. The most difficult problem international students face during the study in here is native English. That is why it is a suggestion to all that please brush your English well before to study in UK. In addition, their syllabus of study is not difficult rather very comfortable. Group based study, thesis-based curriculum, short term syllabus, etc. make it very enjoyable.

Going to study in UK for the higher study is simple in terms of meeting all the criteria of Student Visa(Tier 4). If a candidate cannot meet the criteria then it will be difficult to receive permission. The most common issue for a candidate to study in UK is to cover the whole tuition fee and showing to the visa officer a proof of fund. However, there is part-time job option for a student during their study to cover partial payment of their tuition fees, sometimes it is possible to cover full tuition fees doing a job.


Can I settle in UK after the study?

To settle in UK after study depends on your performance and patience. Basically, to get permanent residency in the UK, you have to demonstrate a stable income along with a full-time job and good moral conduct. After completion of the study, by affording for offices of the UK which has a match of your educational background you can apply for the ‘indefinite leave to remain’ ILR Visa which gives you the ‘permanent resident’ status to settle in UK after study.


To study in the UK for the students of Bangladesh is an opportunity to establish your prominent future and to get the benefits to study in UK. PEC Education Consultants can help you to have that opportunity as true. We have service free admission process along with standard training facilities for the preparation of PTE Academic or IELTS with on-campus and online training and service facilities. So, please contact us for further queries.



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