CD IELTS Mock Test: Computer-Delivered (CD) IELTS has been gaining interest among test-takers mostly due to its super-fast result delivery as well as being offered almost every day in a week.

At PEC-Education we noticed that although most test-takers are showing interest in CD IELTS, yet they are backing down and opting for paper-based IELTS exams. The main reason behind this is the proper CD IELTS mock test facility. No student wants to sit for an IELTS or such test without proper preparation. CD IELTS Mock tests in a completely exam-like situation give one the sense or feeling of the real test, and the marks they score or the mistakes they make can be a mirror image of their real test outcome.

The CD IELTS Mock testing facility in an exactly exam-like situation is quite rare to find in Bangladesh. So PEC-Education has long been working to solve this issue, and we are very happy to finally announce the launch of our CD MOCK TEST facility. It is a mock test that matches the original exam conditions and questions. This mock can be taken both online from your residence or offline at our office (after shutdown).

Recently, there has been an increasing trend in IELTS test-takers choosing Computer Delivered IELTS over Paper-based IELTS. However, there are several things one needs to know before deciding between Computer Delivered (CD) or Paper-based IELTS.

What are these points?

Are they both the same?

–Yes, both CD and Paper-based IELTS has the same questions and same marking criteria.

What happens in the Speaking test? Do we speak to the computer?

–No, in CD your speaking exam remains the same as the paper-based one, with a real, human examiner.

What are the basic differences, and which one is better?

–There are some differences, like writing on paper to typing on a computer. Another major difference with the IELTS on computer tests is that there are more test dates to choose from and you can get your results in 3-5 days, but to answer which one is better, it completely depends on the test taker.

If your handwriting is poor  CD is better.

If your typing speed is slow  Paper-based is better.

For cut, copy, and paste CD provides an upper hand.

In CD, word count is automatic, thus it saves some valuable time and effort.

CD listening, the extra 10 minutes is not given to transfer the answer to the answer sheet as in CD you answer directly on the question. This may be detrimental for those in need of a revision but can also prove to be beneficial for those who may make mistakes while transferring answers to the answer sheet.

CD reading, one does not need to transfer answers within the given 60 minutes, thus test-takers can save some valuable time and effort.

Some drawbacks of CD IELTS tests are test takers cannot draw, highlight or make notes on the screen, and continuously looking at the computer screen may result in screen fatigue to even headaches. Apart from this one major disadvantage of CD IELTS in Bangladesh is the deficiency of CD IELTS mock test facility, especially under a similar examination setup.

To overcome this issue faced by most CD IELTS candidates in BD, we at PEC-Education are now offering CD IELTS mock testing facility, which nearly imitates the real examination conditions, to make you feel more like the original examination set up and for you to be more confident in real test.

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