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IELTS Coaching in Dhaka Bangladesh

IELTS Coaching: It is common knowledge that if anyone wants to study or settle abroad they have to sit for a language proficiency test. Undoubtedly, IELTS has become the most popular language proficiency test in the world. IELTS stands for the “International English Language Testing System.” This test examines the English ability of non-native English speakers allots them a band score according to their language capability. In this article, we’ll look at the types of IELTS exam, its format, the skills you need to pass the IELTS, and its requirement for different countries.


As we mentioned earlier, IELTS is used for Study abroad, employment, and immigration purposes in the English-speaking world. It has four main modules; Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Additionally, there are two different versions of the exam. One is IELTS Academic and the other is the IELTS General Training. If you want to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, or if you are seeking to register for highly skilled professions e.g. doctors and nurses then you have to sit for IELTS Academic. On the other hand, choose IELTS General is for those aiming to migrate to an English-speaking country, (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK etc.) or for those who plan to study below degree level

Major problems, we face in IELTS exam

Candidates face a multitude of difficulties in this test varying from a lack of cultural knowledge of the English speaking world to weak basics… Here, we have mentioned some of the more common problems which you need to resolve before you attend this test. One major problem examinees face is nervousness and hesitation. This is especially relevant for the Speaking module which involves face to face conversation with an English-speaking examiner. There may be hesitation because of poor preparation, lack of confidence, or lack of backup vocabulary when trying to express themselves. Please keep in mind that, the first few questions of the speaking part would be about you, your studies, work, interests, family, friends, etc. There will be some common questions which the examiner might ask all examinees. Therefore, it is obvious that you should prepare for the same. You will have to make sure that you get the right responses for all the expected questions. Preparing your own answers beforehand and practicing more will surely help you out. Additionally, proper guidance from IELTS coaching of ours can help you to boost your score.

Speak fluently in IELTS speaking part

Though we think that speaking fast is proof of expertise, it is not considered fluency in IELTS speaking. If you are an expert at speaking then it really doesn’t make any sense to speak fast. Our experts at IELTS Coaching suggest speaking moderately but distinctly so that your words shall be understandable for the listener. Try to maintain your intonation and proper rhythm. Many of the students think that they can impress the examiner if they speak fast or give answers to the questions more quickly but this actually leads to poor marks. It may occur that you might face a question which you do not know the answer to. Your examiner might ask you a question that can be complicated for you to respond to. So, in such cases, you should act as if you know the topic and try to answer smartly. Keep in mind that, if you become nervous then it is all over for you.

Challenges of IELTS Listening

To be honest, the IELTS listening module is one of the biggest challenges for many non-native English speakers. You know the examiner can throw a curveball at you anytime. You may experience different accents from different regions, intonation, and of course ideas from different academic topics. You do not have to worry because our IELTS preparation strategies will help you overcome this problem. Out of the four major recordings, the first one is a conversation between two people. The second recording is a monologue. The third recording is a conversation among three or more people. The fourth recording will also be a monologue. To do better in listening it is our suggestion that you start watching English TV series, Movies. You can also listen to lectures in English, watch the news, or watch Youtube videos on your favorite topics in English. These resources might help you to become familiar with different accents. Try to focus on the questions first before you listen to the recordings. This will help you narrow down your scan for the particular answers.

IELTS band score requirement for different countries

The requirement for the IELTS score is different for universities or countries. Therefore, we have to ensure that we get the scores that are as per the criteria placed by different countries. To exemplify, for the Canadian student visa, the band requirement is around 6.5 or above, for Australia, it is 6-6.5, in the UK it is approximately 6-7. Now, getting a score of around 6 to 6.5 is not an easy task and one needs a lot of patience and hard work. If one wants to study in other countries of Europe or in the USA the band score requirement is again different. For Germany, the band score requirement is more than 7. In addition, for the purpose of Immigration, we need more than a band score of 7 for different English-speaking countries.


IELTS Coaching in Dhaka

PEC-Education is an institute for IELTS, PTE, Spoken English, and Academic English Coaching in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here, you will find all your needs and queries catered to. Student’s satisfaction and attainment of their desired scores in their very first attempt is the PEC-Education’s topmost priority. Due to our fair service and intensive care, we have come to be known as one of the best IELTS coaching in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We, have an expert team of trainers and offer a cooperative and friendly environment for the students to learn face to face and grow. We offer a number of programs catering to our students varying needs ranging from a 10 days crash program to a long program 6 months long. Additionally, we have both online and offline IELTS coaching facilities in Bangladesh. The highly experienced and certified IETLS trainers leave no stone unturned and personally motivate the students to reach their required band score. For more details and query do not forget to please contact us to know more things about our IELTS coaching in Dhaka.

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