• Online PTE Short Course(1 on 1)

    Our online PTE short course is designed for the candidates who can attend our special short course with a single Trainer and single student basis. In this special online PTE short course, we can take care of our students for achieving their targeted PTE score in the final PTE exam. The class timings of this [...]
  • PTE Exam Registration

    PEC-Education provides assistance to the PTE candidates for their PTE exam registration in Bangladesh individual's profile creation and booking the time, date, and venue of the PTE exam in Dhaka Bangladesh. The whole of the PTE exam registration in Bangladesh process is done by the PEC-Education without charging any fees. PTE candidates can pay the [...]
  • PTE Long Course online(Batch)

    Our PTE long course online is usually conducted after working hours. Especially for job holders who cannot attend class during normal timings. Now that most offices are back in business and due to the corona situation, it is becoming even harder for those who are currently holding jobs to take courses. Some people are not […]

  • PTE online Long course (1 on 1)

    This one-on-one online long course is designed for the students who want to get PTE preparation staying from home and are not comfortable with the group students. This 32 hours long special course will give you extra facilities to get your preparation and success in the PTE final exam. To know more about our PTE [...]
  • PTE Online Short Course(Batch)

    During the COVID19 Pandemic, PEC-Education providing an online PTE Crash course for the students who want to attend classes in a group of students. This course will be 15 hours long with lectures and all other PTE course materials, including a coursebook with CD, 20 lecture sheets, PTE software, list grammars, and in the end, [...]
  • PTE Short Course(On-Campus)

    PEC-Education is offering On-Campus PTE short course consists of 15 hours of lecture with practical session and 3 free PTE online full-length mock tests. If any students need a short preparation and sit for the exam for their quick PTE result, this will be the right course for them.

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