IELTS Course Fee

Students from Bangladesh possess a dream to study abroad to earn an International degree and settle their future and carrier in a developed country. To do that, there are some criteria or requirements for students which need them to fulfill and IELTS is one of those. Universities from a country like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe require at least overall 6 in IELTS for the under graduation degree and overall 6.5 for postgraduate or Master’s degree admission. IELTS is one of the most renowned English language proficiency tests accepted worldwide and popular among the students. However, to achieve a satisfactory score in IELTS exam every student needs to go through a preparation course or coaching. Here the following we will cover the IELTS Course fee and IELTS Exam preparation procedure in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


IELTS Exam preparation and IELTS Course fee in Bangladesh

IELTS Course fee: At total intensive care, we have the IELTS exam preparation courses which have been designed for all aspects of the general, academic modules of IELTS exam preparation courses. Basically, the courses aim to introduce you to the specific format of the examination. It also provides you tips, techniques for boosting your score in listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Whereas it is too expensive to have better training from the reputed IELTS coaching centers, most of the candidates cannot get the proper guideline for the excessive number of students in the IELTS coaching center. However, PEC-Education, IELTS Exam preparation Center offering different courses with an affordable IELTS Course fee. IELTS courses are in different ranges from BDT 5000.00 to 15,000.00 in the duration of one month to six months.


IELTS Exam Fee in Bangladesh

There are many test centers which are offering tests both paper-based and computer-delivered in Bangladesh. At first, you have to choose an appropriate test center that is closer to you. Basically, it costs only BDT 18750 to sit for the IELTS exam fee in Bangladesh. Additionally, IELTS UKVI Exam Fee BDT 19700, and IELTS life skills test fee is BDT 13100 only. You need a credit/debit card (VISA/Master Card to pay online. But we can help you to do registration and submission of payment without any service fee. Otherwise, you can also pay the IELTS exam fee at their test center.


IELTS Exam dates in Bangladesh

We have already mentioned that you have to book for the IELTS exam dates at first. Then you have to pick for a date to sit for the exam. Moreover, you have to select the test type like Academic or General. Let us inform you about the IELTS Exam dates if you are looking for the test in Dhaka.

For computer-delivered IELTS by IDP you have all days available in December. Additionally, you can also sit for the IELTS paper based on December 3, 5, 12, 19 by IDP in their different branches located in Dhaka. Moreover, IELTS Exam dates for British Council are also available in the different branches of them.  If you want to know more about test dates for the IELTS, do not hesitate to contact us on 01630840663.


IELTS Course online in Bangladesh

There are a lot of applicants in Bangladesh who are extremely desirous to move to foreign countries for education or immigration. To do so, IELTS is a must for everyone. It can serve as the best option in the careers of many individuals. However, basically, you do not necessarily have a degree in English to give this test IELTS. Most importantly, you do not have to worry if you cannot join any coaching institute for an IELTS course online in Bangladesh. Our IELTS coaching center provides the quality of IELTS Course online for the convenience of the working professionals and students. This online-based coaching can be highly beneficial for all working individuals. We know that some candidates do not have much time to attend regular classes. Additionally, many candidates live in an area which is far from our coaching center. We introduce this IELTS online course to afford them the best quality of service.


British Council IELTS in Bangladesh

There are almost 20 centers of British Council in Bangladesh who are offering both paper based and computer delivered IELTS tests in Bangladesh. They arrange different seminars based on IELTS aiming at students and professionals. You can have free materials, exam features, information visiting their centers. They have different IELTS Centers in Bangladesh in where you can contact for the registration, fee payment, and exam materials.


IDP IELTS Bangladesh


IDP is also conducting IELTS like British Council in Bangladesh and they are one of the IELTS test conducting bodies in Bangladesh. They have different branches in Bangladesh to conduct the IELTS test in Bangladesh. They take tests almost four times a month and 48 times a year. They have both a computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS exam. You can apply for the IELTS exam by visiting any of their branches in Bangladesh.


IELTS Coaching in Mirpur, Dhaka


PEC-Education is conducting IELTS coaching in Mirpur for many years in Dhaka Bangladesh. IELTS coaching in Mirpur, Dhaka is really reputed all over the Bangladesh. We have the best quality of service including with expert trainers, advanced training method, highly accepted course materials and online or offline based coaching system. You can attend for the free assessment test to justify yourself. Moreover, you can also get different conductive schedules of online and offline based classes. However, we serve the best coaching for IELTS with affordable tuition fee. We also offer different IELTS mock tests and long term or short time batch or one on one based coaching. Additionally, we offer customized plans along with practical mock test for the trainees to boost their score. Our assessment helps them to know well in advance about their improvement areas. Individual care and proper practical guidance is what we impart to our students.


IELTS Coaching in Uttara, Dhaka

IELTS coaching in Uttara, Dhaka is also conducted by PEC-Education. Along with advanced course materials, affordable tuition fees, advanced methods of training, we offer the best coaching by our expert and experienced trainers. You can get both online and offline based coaching here. We also offer course books, practice materials, lecture sheets, group task discussion, and intensive care for the candidates for IELTS Coaching in Uttara, Dhaka. You can sit for the free assessment test of ours to test yourself.  Our candidates’ results are also satisfactory. Nonetheless, student’s satisfaction and attainment of their desired score is our aim. Our topmost priority to boost the score of every student gives us success and satisfaction. We work as a team to offer the best conducive environment for the IELTS candidates to learn and improve. We have an ample number of coaching programs available for the students ranging from 1 week to half year-long extensive programs at IELTS Coaching in Uttara, Dhaka.


PEC-Educatin provides training and coaching on different IELTS long course and short course at Mirpur and Uttara Center. There are different online and On-campus courses available. Please contact for details over the mobile phone, 01630 840663 or may visit the official FaceBook page.


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